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Goodbye Seattle…

Hello California!

Today I am off. Summer’s over, fall is going to take my breath away. By the time Monday classes roll around life will be so opposite from what it was yesterday (sleep in, hang at a coffee shop). I’ve loved summer. It’s so nice to hang out with family and old friends, laugh like we weren’t apart for an entire year. Work sometimes. Swim. Bake in the sun. And write. I did lots of writing.

Now I’ll be racing around at high speeds, singing in two choirs and writing lots of papers (I have a grammar class, so watch for improvement in this failing area of my life!) and chilling at the beach with my best pals. So excited. (And sad.) You know.

Anyways I’ve been thinking a lot about what kind of writing time I’ll have (or won’t have). Last year I snuck a few hundred words into THE INBETWEEN around 1 a.m. some nights. That wasn’t enough to be productive, but now I want to stay in high gear. I just started brainstorming a sequel for TI, and while I might be out of my mind, I want to get lots done on it this year. Plus I want to really focus on this blog. Dude, you don’t even know how much fun I’ve been having with it this last week.

So my goal this year is to make time to finish the sequel’s rough draft by May. Maybe I will be super ambitious and do NaNo (National Novel Writing Month in November), too.

What about you? Do you roll with life and let your writing time come when it can? Or do you carve moments out of your days on purpose to work on your drafts?

Cause believe me, I’m not going to miss out on college … but somehow I’m going to squeeze in some words here and there, too.


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