Random Quote Day

(I got my first request for chapters yesterday. I screamed for a while, smiled for a while longer. Now I’m waiting… and I’ll keep y’all updated. Also. I’ve been having internet issues, so posting might be scatty for a couple days. However, thanks to Pete at IT (yay Pete!) it might not be.)

The random quote of the week is from a book by Dona Hickey called Developing a Written Voice. I haven’t read it, but one of my profs mentioned this quotation in a lecture and it made me pause — think — smile.

“Getting readers to hear tunes is what good writing is all about. The writers we admire most are those whose sentences…become the sound patterns of a distinct, engaging, human personality. In writing, that sound is directed by printed cues. From them, we make the music of speech heard…”

The music of speech heard. I like that. Let’s make our words like music — not just our written words, but our spoken words, too. Hellos sound like music. Smiles are music (and not words… I know, I’m tired). And music is a gift; just thinking about it makes me smile. Words are gifts, too, so let’s give them with lots of grace whenever we speak.

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  1. stephanie

    That’s a really good reminder. Words can definitely be gifts that can brighten a whole day. I love “the music of speech heard”…

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