Teaser Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!

Teaser Tuesday is going to be short for no particular reason. But first I would like to tell you a story. It is a true story about a conversation I had with a boy sometime last week. Last week was very hot — maybe in the two hundreds? I died. Anyway (this takes place at dinner and I had juuuust met this boy at the start of the meal) —

All of us: The showers in [our dorm last year] were so much better.

Me: I haven’t tried the showers yet.

(Side note: it was actually the SECOND day of being here. Classes hadn’t even started yet.)

Boy: You haven’t taken a shower yet????

Me: Um…

Boy: I took like three showers today.

And… that was the end of the conversation. We are not friends currently. I think he’s afraid of me? But I promise I’ve taken LOTS of showers since then. (And it’s a true fact: our showers last year were so much better.)

[Teaser snipped]

beach walk

beach walk at sunset

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One response to “Teaser Tuesday

  1. Clarissa

    Kirsten, Page showers are SO much better than Armington showers.
    I’ve used them plenty of times.

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