hot headlines of the week

The beautiful words of the day: please send full manuscript. Another agent wants to see my whole book! Oooooh boy.

In other news, I just got interviewed for my school’s paper. Apparently I’m next week’s artist of the week. Among other things, this is very scary. Either (a) no one will say anything about it to me, or (b) I’ll have to come up with something to say to all the people who scream “You’re a NOVELIST? How COOL!

I never know what to say to that. Yep, it’s cool? I guess I’m not hugely loud about my writing in public. I used to hate even talking about it with people I know, although I’m mostly over that by now (phew). But I dread conversations about this topic with people I don’t know well or don’t know at all. Maybe it goes back to the age-old question … I mostly write for myself. It’s a private thing.

But if life keeps speeding along this collision course with author-dom (authorship? author-ness?), I think I have to get over it. Three ideas:

  1. Make myself talk about it. Lay it out on the table. No scooting around the big questions: what do you want to do with your life?
  2. Prepare a twenty-word synopsis of THE INBETWEEN so I don’t sound like a fool whenever someone asks me what my novel’s about.
  3. And then find something to say in response to “You’re a novelist? How cool!” besides “Yep.” Any ideas??

The list could be longer. What have you done to become more comfortable about discussing your books/writing/etc. with other people? (Unless you’ve always been comfortable with it, in which case I am jealous.)

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One response to “hot headlines of the week

  1. You are Westmont’s artist of the week? That’s so cool! D’you get a fun shirt to wear?
    Dude, I remember that night in your basement when you revealed that you were a writer. I was so shocked when you said, “Yeah, I’ve written three novels.” I had been shot down as the writer in our group…
    You are amazing, and I can’t wait to hear what the agent says about your full manuscript. Words are just so fun, and I’m glad you like to play with them.

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