Teaser Tuesday

Agent update: agent #1 (who requested the exclusive partial) said no. So I’m sending to agent #2 (who requested the full). Somehow I wasn’t disappointed when I saw the email today. I’m getting better and better at not taking rejection personally, which is essential to this query process. If agent #1 wasn’t excited enough, agent #1 wouldn’t have been a good fit for me. Maybe agent #2 will be? We’ll see.

Also: that article about me comes out today… If anyone clicked through the link and is here for the first time, welcome! Cruise around and get acquainted with this place and my book, which is called THE INBETWEEN. You can read more about it here or read more about me here.

[Teaser snipped]


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2 responses to “Teaser Tuesday

  1. Ashley V

    I just read the article about you in the Horizon…I have to say, you’re kind of my hero! I’m also from Seattle, an English major, and in my second year at Westmont. Reading about how you love writing and have written a novel inspires me to continue writing.
    All the best to you!

  2. writerkirsty

    Hey Ashley! I’m glad you read the article. It’s fun to run into people from Seattle. Good luck with your writing — maybe see you around campus sometime 🙂

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