Star tipping

This is kind of like a blog challenge. (To that my rhetoric prof would say: is it a blog challenge, or is it not a blog challenge? So scratch the “kind of like”. It’s a blog challenge.)

The next time you can see the stars — not just a few stars that poke through the haze of city lights but STARS, millions of them that make the sky look like glitter — find yourself a big field. The bigger, the better. Then find yourself some friends.

Right, this is not a star, but use your imagination. I had no star pictures.

Right, this is not a star, but use your imagination. I had no star pictures.

Everyone takes turns. When it’s your turn, stand in the middle of the field and focus on one star. Then start spinning really fast, as fast as you can, and keep looking at the star.

Your friends will be holding a flashlight. They’ll count as you spin, maybe to ten or just until you’re so dizzy you can barely stand up. Then they’ll shine the flashlight right in your face.

Get ready for your world to explode… literally. It is the strangest experience. I still feel kind of dizzy, and we did it two hours ago (as in, I’m typing this post at midnight, not 9 a.m. like it says). One second I’d be spinning and the next I’d be crashing into the wet grass with no idea where I was, and then the stars would twirl above my head for a while…

Trippy. This is the blog challenge. Go do it.


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2 responses to “Star tipping

  1. Haha, awesome.
    We do this thing where you hold your shoe above your head and stare at it and spin around as fast as you can for fifteen rotations. Then you throw your shoe on the ground and try to jump over it. Amazing results.
    I like your picture of the moon.
    You are awesome.

  2. writerkirsty

    that made me laugh out loud. I’m totally going to try that tonight… it sounds amazing.

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