Apologies for the super long absence. It was completely unexpected and unintentional, and based on events that were way out of my control. Nothing serious (think class, work, homework, friends, boys, etc). I’m still alive, and officially recharged now because of this amazing invention called FOUR-DAY VACATION, which was this weekend. It’s the best. I went home with a friend and we slept, ate, watched movies, went on walks, played games… I think I can breathe again, and I’ll try lots harder to post with more frequency starting now. Thanks to all of you who kept the blog stats high!

Be sure to check out Nathan Bransford’s third-annual paragraph contest over at his blog. I think I’ve entered all three years (?) and have not been the lucky winner (yet). Here’s hoping, huh?


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3 responses to “Well…

  1. bigwords88

    Every time I check out Nathan’s views I come away feeling like I’ve had an education. That’s impressive in and of itself, but when you take into account the amazing response he has for readers of his blog, he truly is a genius.

    What I wouldn’t give for a four-day vacation…

  2. writerkirsty

    He’s amazing. I often wonder how he has time to put together intelligent, informative posts every single day — and then moderate the comment board. And then be an agent. Wow.

  3. stephanie

    I’m glad you’re back! I checked EVERY DAY….mostly 🙂 Give us a cover girl soon, k?

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