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You’re Invited!

THIS could be yours.

THIS could be yours.

Who: all YOU writers. Written something? Never written something? So what! Sign up! NaNo will change your life.

What: National Novel Writing Month. A.k.a. November, the month that’s made for writing novels. Think about it: it’s raining outside and it’s cozy inside. Your kitchen has coffee mugs and coffee machines and tea bags and chocolate. Your living room has a couch. And you have a blank Word Document that’s just waiting to be filled with 50,000 beautiful, crazy, hastily-written WORDS.

Fun fact: 21 people participated when NaNo started in 1999. In 2007, there were 100,000 participants. I’m sure there were a lot more in 2008 (or at least one more because 2008 was my first year) but the site has no numbers.

Where: Anywhere, of course! But headquarters is www.nanowrimo.org. Check it out.

When: Sometime in the 720 hours between Nov. 1st and Nov. 30th, 2009. I know that 720 hours doesn’t sound like a very long time (I did the math twice, though, so I promise it’s right; you have 720 hours to write in November). It seems even shorter when you consider the goal: 50,000 words. But do the math.

That’s only 69 words an hour.

Only 1600 words a day.

Only 12,500 (roughly) words a week.

Not bad.

Why: Hm, funny how that’s the question I’ve been asking myself these last couple days. I guess I have a few reasons:

  1. I miss writing. NaNo will make me write.
  2. All these sequel-ideas are taking over my head by force. NaNo will get them out.
  3. I really miss writing.

I’m not sure if these are good enough. Considering. But.

How: I have no idea. Let’s find out, hm?


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