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The Call (part one)

Maybe I’m being presumptuous by labeling this Part One. But sometime in the next 24 or 48 or something hours, I just might be talking to an agent on the telephone.

Email: Wow — this is phenomenal. Are you available to talk on the phone sometime?


So today: seven cures for the endless wait.

7. Write a paper. Well… only if you have to. Yesterday I was so CRAZY that I would write one sentence and then check my email and then dance around my room, and then . . . But I did get the paper done, don’t worry.

6. Obsess over a new song, blast the speakers and dance. My song: Fireflies by Owl City. I think I listened to it twenty times yesterday while I *wrote* my paper.

5. Eat chocolate (Wrapper: Buy yourself flowers today. I didn’t, but — anyone?)

4. Lie in the parking lot beneath the streakiest, wildest sunset in the world (with the silliest, bestest friends in the world) and make up emo song-titles about the colors (we got: bruised sky, bleeding clouds) . . .

3. Revel in thousands of butterflies every time your phone rings.

2. Laugh.

1. SCREAM! The possibilities are endless 🙂


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