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The Call (part two)



Today went like this:

Morning: Class (why is the clock so slooooooow?)

Afternoon: Work and class (why is the clock even slooooooower?)

6:15: Dinner at the cafeteria. (oh. my. gosh. what if agent calls?! what if my phone buzzes but I can’t feel it? what if I say something dumb? how do I still have friends when all I can talk about is AGENT?)

6:25: Time for some different food. Like ice cream or something sugary. My friend and I walk back into the cafeteria from the patio, chatting.

6:27: Phone rings. I don’t recognize the area code.

Me: Ooooooh my gosh–

Friend: Girl, you got this —

And then I run out of the cafeteria.

Me: Hello?

Mystery caller: Hello, this is AGENT.

. . . and then I talked on the phone with a real, live agent who loves my book. And I had to sit down on the ground because I was so shaky. And then I ran back into the cafeteria and all my friends started screaming, and I think everyone thought we were crazy, but that’s okay. Three big thoughts:

  2. I’ve been dreaming of this for three years — and it’s happening!!
  3. I wish I was home to celebrate.

More updates to come, so stay close. I’ve been running on adrenaline these last few days and now I’m crashing big time — so before I hit bottom I think I’ll do some homework to celebrate. C’est la life of a college student.


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