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November 1st


Happy fall! Happy rain, happy wind, happy mist, happy gray. If your weather is fall-ish right now, enjoy it for me. It’s 75 degress today, perfectly blue-skied and perfectly brilliant. And not fall. I cannot WAIT until Thanksgiving — cannot wait to see rain-streaked asphalt and dripping windows and soggy leaves in the gutters. Okay, I know, I can’t complain about sun. But sometimes I just wish it would rain.

All this to say: It’s November 1st and I am officially resigning from NaNo. I know, how depressing. It hasn’t even started and I’m already giving up. But. People. I have revisions to do now, and I just do not see how there’s going to be time. If it starts raining, pouring, dumping… maybe I’ll just curl up in my room for all of November and get some serious writing done, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

So. No NaNo. To all you who are braving that storm: bravo. You are awesome, and I can’t wait to see you reach the 50k mark in 30 days. May you write and write and write as it rains.

Meanwhile I’ll be revising in the sunshine…

Happy November.

(stay tuned for more agent news tomorrow)


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