The Call (part four): Be careful what you wish for



The fireworks just won’t stop. Luckily I have lots of July 4th-esque pictures on my computer, so no sign of running out yet. But really, be careful what you wish for. I always thought it would be the coolest thing ever to have two agents want my book — and it is cool. Really really cool. But my fantasies forgot the stressful part.

Writers want agents who are:

  • passionate about the book!
  • convinced it will sell
  • knowledgeable about the market/industry
  • willing to spend lots of time marketing the book to editors, so —
  • passionate about the book!

What if two agents don’t just meet the requirements, but blow them away?


Well, yes. Fireworks.

Lots of time thinking, too. Researching. Thinking.

Will keep you updated. Off to think.


PS: I have to tell this Halloween story:

We were walking downtown on Saturday night, all cold and kind of creeped out because of Sketchy People (yes, capital letters!) — when this homeless man JUMPED out at us and yelled —


And as we were screaming and running away, he was like (in a smoker-gravelly voice) —

“Well hey, it’s Halloween…”

And it made my day. What a great guy. It was, after all, Halloween, and kudos to him for scaring us to death.


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10 responses to “The Call (part four): Be careful what you wish for

  1. Hey, this is just the world’s way of giving you a big hug and telling you that it always thought you were awesome, even if it hasn’t treated you SO kindly in the past. 😀

    Love the story. haha!

  2. writerkirsty

    Okay, I’ll take the hug… I’m just stressing! eek!

  3. Julie Duck

    Wait! Did I miss something? You have two agents hot on your trail? Cool beans! Tell me – what happened?

    – Julie

    • writerkirsty

      yep… an agent who had my full made an offer a few days after the first. Cool beans, definitely 🙂 And it’s really encouraging. But hard to make the decision! I will let you know what I decide… when I decide… (they are both SO cool)

      • Julie Duck

        Gee! Those beans are very cool! I’m curious about what you’re going through, as I am expecting a call today and I don’t know when. It will probably happen when I’m in the bathroom! LOL!

      • writerkirsty

        YES I am so excited for you! Go dance in the streets… buy yourself Starbucks… smile a lot. This is so cool. Beans. Cool. Wow. I know, I was terrified that the phone would ring while I was in the bathroom. Let me know how it goes — I will be waiting for news!!

  4. Julie Duck

    I tried to send you an e-mail and your account doesn’t work? Maybe it’s my account.

    – Julie

  5. Kirsten!

    Got the CALL last night!!!!

    Now it’s time to contact the other agent. I wish I had a standard form e-mail for that. Guess there’s no perfect way other than telling them you’ve got an offer and giving them a date to respond by…?

    – Julie

    • writerkirsty

      Hoorah! I’m soooo happy for you. Re: the email, I think you can just say: I received an offer on my manuscript X and am planning on making a decision by X date, so I wanted to give you an opportunity to respond. Something like that — they’ll understand.


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