Sometimes when I go on walks down at the beach, words are inadequate. We try to capture things — images and characters and moments — with squiggles —

When sometimes there’s so much beauty that there are no words.

Is that okay?

On Friday, when we walked the beach after playing volleyball in the sand for most of the afternoon, I turned off all my words and just looked. Just soaked everything up and let the urge to capture the moment slip through my fingertips.

Are we silly to try to box up everything with words? I think some moments just need to be.



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2 responses to “Wordless

  1. Great thought. Sometimes I’ll get this feeling… not brought on by anything, but I’ll just be sitting there doing my homework or something, and I’ll feel… see? I can’t even describe it. Tangibly it has to do with “going” in the broadest sense of the word. It’s all trapped inside me but it makes me feel more alive, and frustrated, than anything. I want to write a book about it so badly, but I can’t think of a single plot or character or word to describe it fairly, so that’s impossible. Anyway. I totally get what you mean, with moments as opposed to feelings. 🙂

    • writerkirsty

      I feel ya. It’s that crazy urge to write down everything — and the overwhelming sense that it’s impossible to give justice to what you see in your mind/eye. It’s our writer’s curse (and blessing, too)

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