Roadtrip Wednesday: Who is your literary crush?

I’m normally not the kind of person who keeps a couple crushes simmering on the back-burner. I am a very faithful person — even to plain old cafeteria crushes (if you’re not in college, you might need this definition: cafeteria crushes are crushes on guys you might not even know by name, but who you see in the cafeteria and smile at).

But when it comes to literature, I’m all over the place. I am not faithful to anyone. I’m kind of…a player. Yet for the sake of brevity I’ll stick to the three most swoon-worthy guys on the shelves.

Peter Pevensie (Chronicles of Narnia): Brave and Bold

That irresistible quality: Peter’s heart is all-around swoon-worthy. He is the bravest, strongest boy, who loves his sisters and brothers and treats everyone with respect. Did you not start bawling when Aslan told him that he could never return to Narnia?

That irresistible appearance: He is blonde (and I always love blondes) and just a little bit older than me — at least when I started reading the Chronicles of Narnia (I love older men, too.) And… have you seen the movie? William Mosely, you make me smile.

That irresistible scene: “Rise up, Sir Peter Wolfsbane, and always remember to clean your sword” (Non-verbatim quoting is my faulty memory)

Kartik (A Great and Terrible Beauty): Mysterious and Exotic

That irresistible quality: Kartik is Indian and runs with gypsies (a.k.a. automatically hot…), so he’s kind of a free spirit. And always mysterious, always doing random weird things, always keeping the reader guessing. Is he attracted to Gemma? When is he next going to pop back into the book? In my opinion, he wasn’t around enough.

That irrisistible appearance: Dark-haired gypsy boy with mud-pool eyes. What’s not to love?

That irrisistible scene: In the first book, Gemma visits the gypsy camp this one time and somehow ends up having to pretend she’s there for Kartik (which she kind of is, anyway) and that he was expecting her… So she kisses him out of the blue in front of the whole world and — surprise! — he kisses back. Good scene. Much better than that one scene (spoiler alert!) where he turns into a tree. Bah. I’m still bitter.

Jesse (Tuck Everlasting): Sweet and Unreachable

That irrisistible quality: It’s been a long time since I’ve read Tuck Everlasting, but I always remember Jesse as a sweetheart — gentle and kind and cute and full of life — and soooo out of reach. Heartbreaking.

That irrisisitible appeareance: 17 years old forever. Also: that name Jesse is (in my opinion) half the attraction. It’s rugged and youthful and smooth on the tongue. Love him.

That irrisistible scene: I fell for him at first sight — when he sits by the spring, all young and adorable, and Winnie first sees him. Ah!

Now for you: Who’s your literary crush?


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10 responses to “Roadtrip Wednesday: Who is your literary crush?

  1. Laurie

    Ah, I totally agree with Kartik! He was on my list too. You did a much better job than my articulating exactly what makes him so irresistible. I LOVED the scene at the gypsy camp. He should’ve been used more and it was so gay when he turned into a tree.

    I keep hoping she’ll write another sequel and remedy this…I can dream

    • writerkirsty

      I KNOW. I actually read some fanfiction for the first time in my life after that book — because we weren’t the only ones angry about the stupid tree thing and a couple people fixed up the ending pretty nicely 🙂

      I’ve settled with just making a pact with myself: no boys turning into trees. It’s too sad.

  2. awww, Peter’s a great one.

  3. I always loved Edmund more than Peter. He’s just so great… and I love the dark hair more. (shrug) what are you going to do?

    And I was SO MAD that Kartik ended up as a tree. Unbelievable. Who decides to do that?

    I’m trying to think of my book crushes; the only one that comes to mind is Hareton (from Wuthering Heights). Besides Draco… what?


    • writerkirsty

      I considered putting Draco on the list. . . but then remembered that your obsession with him is so much greater than my tiny crush on him that doing that would be lame. Hareton always has a place in my heart ❤

  4. Amanda

    Nice choices! I agree with Laurie. Wasn’t too thrilled with the tree lol

  5. I love that you mentioned Jesse! I actually forgot about him because it has been about 15 years since I last read Tuck Everlasting, but I remember how much I adored him as well! Thanks for rekindling that flame for me 🙂

    • writerkirsty

      I kind of forgot about him too… and I still don’t remember much except that I really did love him! Glad to rekindle it for you!

  6. Wow. Is it sad to say that I don’t have many?

    Sam from Twenty Boy Summer. He was just such a beach boy, but really tender and understanding. I imagined him with this dark hair and a constant tan running around in swim shorts. He knew the main character was going to leave, but he was willing to invest the time with her anyway….bahhh!!

    Max from The Book Thief. I know this isn’t an obvious choice, but there was something about the way they described his dark eyes and his hair like straw and feathers and his gentleness despite his rotten past. And how scared he was. How he almost died because he was too ashamed to come out of the basement. I loved Max.

    And finally, Clay from Thirteen Reasons Why. You just get to know him so well. He goes through all this crap listening to Hannah’s story and his emotional journey is so deep and real and conflicted throughout. He loved her, and you feel that. I would love to meet the person he becomes by the end of the book.

    Sigh. okay, maybe I have more than I thought.

  7. Ben

    That’s a really funny question. I had never thought about who my literary crush might be. Hmm. I think I go with Maud Muller, from John Greenleaf Whittier’s poem, Maud Muller. Does that count? Can it be a poem? I’m very intrigued by your profile. A novelist and a romantic? I think I’m already in love 🙂

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