Seven Reasons Why…

…it’s time for Christmas break!

meet our suite's paper snowman...

7. It’s cute that Southern California is trying to be wintry and cold in its SoCal kind of way, but I’m ready for some real winter: clouds, rain, temperatures below 55 degrees, maybe snow?

6. I’m out of socks. Also, I might be out of clothes… I’m also over cafeteria food.

5. I have spent my life savings and my life at the Coffee Bean this week (should I admit that I studied there at least five times in the last six days?) so it’s definitely time to switch to Seattle and Starbucks…

4. My brain’s on holiday halfway across the world and I can’t think of number four… I did have one in my head… but I forgot…

3. Weird things happen during finals week. We can’t be blamed; we are exhausted and stressed and crazy. It’s not our fault we got kicked out of the library for laughing too loudly… But enough weird things have happened. UNCLE!

Most excitingly,

2. FINALS ARE OVER! I just got out of a beastly rhetoric final that zapped every ounce of brain power from my poor, tired mind. Luckily…

1. I’m heading home in four hours!


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3 responses to “Seven Reasons Why…

  1. Anne Skalitza

    So glad finals are over for you! As for reason #7–want some of the bitterly cold air here on the northeast coast of the US?!

  2. Yay!! You’re coming home!

  3. amy

    you’re right that it’s time for seattle, but might i suggest instead of starbucks, caffe fiore? 🙂 looking forward to seeing you over the holidays!

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