POLL: How do you read?

I’ve been afraid to post a poll in the past because what if nobody votes? I suppose I will survive. But I want to know: how do you read?

I gave my sister two books for Christmas (Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater and Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr). She scarfed down these books. She always does – she is a super fast reader by nature. But I was really shocked. By mid-morning on December 26th, she had finished both books. And she didn’t spend all of Christmas Day curled up with the books on my grandparents’ couch, either. She’s a crazily fast reader.

I’m fast, too. I started Shiver on Christmas Day evening and finished by the end of Boxing Day. I didn’t spend the whole day reading, either! (Still haven’t started Wicked Lovely, but now that TIB-revised is safely with my agent, I think I will dig in soon.)

Anyway, the point is this: my sister eats up books for plot and character and finish line. She doesn’t admire the writer’s writing. I am somewhere in between. I certainly notice writing style and lovely sentences, but I skim sometimes. I just do.

How do you read? (vote below!) Is skimming bad? As a writer, is it disappointing to spend thousands of hours on a book only to have it devoured in one?


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6 responses to “POLL: How do you read?

  1. Stephanie

    hmmm interesting poll! Although I may seem to be a scarfer, I think I am really more of a skimmer due to the fact that, while I do skim parts where my fave characters aren’t in, I do appreciate some aspects of writing style. I think I am just a fast reader! 🙂

  2. Hmm, I picked scarf, but I think I’m really a mix between scarf and skim. I can pretty much read a hundred pages per hours so I devour books yes, but I devour them whole–I read everything, and almost never skip a sentence or scene.

    • writerkirsty

      a hundred pages an hour! you are definitely in my sister’s class…

      for the record, she tells me that she’s like you: she doesn’t skim, she’s just crazy fast 🙂

  3. This was a though question. I am a slow reader. So if it’s possible, I scarf slowly. But sometime I enjoy a writer’s style and read slowly (?!). It depends.

    I don’t like when an author uses lots of words where I need to constantly look in a dictionary, then I rarely finish the book.

    But style is more than vocabulary, I guess. I’m impressed when an author can write short and simple sentences and still create flow and meaning.

  4. I chose skim, but I hover between savor and skim. I tend to skim through a novel, and then immediately go back and savor certain scenes and chapters if I like the novel enough. It makes reading very slow for me.

    However, it also depends on the type of book. A novel full of pretty prose either has me savor every sentence to admire the word choices or scarf every chapter because it’s too slow. :>

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