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Teaser Tuesday

The next installment of The Thrill Seekers, pasted below, is a classic example of the revision process. It used to be one of “my darlings” (aka one of my favorite scenes EVER because the dialogue between Patricia and Reed made me dizzy with delight every time I read it). But, out of necessity, I had to kill my darling in the third or fourth round of revision. Ouch. It still makes me sad – but it had to be done.

Have you had to do that before? Cut a beautiful scene that you just love out of necessity?I think there are a few reasons to kill a darling:

  • it’s a really fun scene but completely unnecessary to the overall plot
  • it’s a really fun scene but doesn’t fit with the revised plot

Any other reasons? Feel free to expand in the comments. The darling that used to be this scene fits with #2: in the original version, Trish and Reed were discussing why Patricia liked Ben – but in the revised version, Patricia doesn’t actually like Ben, and never has – for reasons which will be discovered…

[Teaser snipped; thanks for the comments!]


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