Daily Archives: January 18, 2010

$,$$$,$$$ QUESTION


I have a question.

Might sound silly considering this blog, my book, my life goals.


I forget how to write. Howwww do you write?

I need, like, a how-to book that says: type one word and then another word, then don’t give up until you finish.

Horrible realization: I haven’t actually WRITTEN ANYTHING except blog posts and academic essays since JULY when I finished drafting TIB.

Even horrible-er realization: I don’t remember how. I can’t seem to concentrate long enough to type five words. Plus I am in such a revising mode that I can’t type anything without editing it to death. And… this project is so tiny! And the end result is supposed to be so huge! And I have nothing, NOTHING to work with between now and the end except my little brain. And my little brain can’t seem to handle it.



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