$,$$$,$$$ QUESTION


I have a question.

Might sound silly considering this blog, my book, my life goals.


I forget how to write. Howwww do you write?

I need, like, a how-to book that says: type one word and then another word, then don’t give up until you finish.

Horrible realization: I haven’t actually WRITTEN ANYTHING except blog posts and academic essays since JULY when I finished drafting TIB.

Even horrible-er realization: I don’t remember how. I can’t seem to concentrate long enough to type five words. Plus I am in such a revising mode that I can’t type anything without editing it to death. And… this project is so tiny! And the end result is supposed to be so huge! And I have nothing, NOTHING to work with between now and the end except my little brain. And my little brain can’t seem to handle it.



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5 responses to “$,$$$,$$$ QUESTION

  1. Take a breather. Write poetry. Or fanfiction. Or meaningless babble until real words start coming out. Clearly, you are an amazing writer. Clearly, you already know how to BE an amazing writer.

    So just breathe. 😉 It’ll come.

  2. I haven’t done anything except revise in a long time, either! I’m with Sumayyah – try another, less stressful writing activity to get yourself back in the groove. Fanfiction rocks, or else just write blather… write whatever streams through your fingers and wait, wait, wait until it starts sounding coherent! You can do it ❤ You're an awesome writer.

  3. Oh my word, I completely agree: write fan fiction. It’s so entertaining, and let’s you get the words out without having to be really serious. There’s less pressure when the world and characters are already there for you, leaving you free to play with words and dialogue and description.
    Above all, love, don’t pressure yourself. Sometimes you need a little breaksy. It’s good for the soul.

  4. Stephanie

    hey, i’ve really been enjoying your REVISED book though! it’s so good. and I looooove him as Ian 🙂

  5. writerkirsty

    Thanks… I will take a break. Breaks are good. Especially since I have to read ten thousand pages of Paradise Lost today! I’ll let everything else simmer on the back burner for a while.

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