Daily Archives: January 25, 2010

Wait, but that was my idea…!

Do you ever find yourself saying this? You read a jacket flap in the bookstore and think, wait a second, that sounds suspiciously like my book… Or you see the name of something in your book in the real world, used for something else, and feel kind of cheated on.

My answer is yes. One time, I had this random idea for a novel with MCs named Aislynn and Seth. And then, like six months later, I read about this brand new book called Wicked Lovely, by Melissa Marr, whose MCs were also named Aislynn and Seth.

Then, just recently, I saw a blurb in the paper about this new band called The Inbetweens. What? Really?

Basically this is bound to happen to everyone at some point. It’s frustrating but — it happens. Most ideas really aren’t that new.

Main question is this (two parts): (a) Has this happened to you? and (b) What do you do when it happens — switch things up or ignore it?


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