Writing rough drafts stinks. Part two.

Don’t be misled. The advent of MOD HOL has pretty much changed the world and almost destroyed all need for a part two of “Writing rough drafts stinks”.

Almost – but not quite.

Following the rules of Mind On Draft, Hands OffLine fixes all the problems BIC HOK lets slip through its holes: like sitting on your butt, in your chair, with your hands on the keyboard, while doing unproductive things like tweet, blog, Facebook, or generally do nothing on the internet.

But MOD HOL doesn’t solve the problem of this gripping thing called the inner editor. The inner editor, also known as self-doubt, wants to red-pen every single word you slap onto your WIP. See, my inner editor says that red-pen isn’t a verb, but I’m ignoring it. While writing rough drafts, you must do the same. Ignore the inner editor. Shut it down. Box it up. It might know a lot, but what it knows doesn’t matter until you start to edit.

For now, the inner editor has nothing to offer. It’ll not only destroy your self-esteem, but also try to convince you that every sentence you craft is crap. Which might be true, at least at this rough draft stage, but whatever. First get the words down.

In the end they’ll look like this — scribbled on, crossed out, added to — anyway, so don’t bother with perfection on the first draft.

Just write.


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5 responses to “Writing rough drafts stinks. Part two.

  1. Sing it, girl! haha. The flipside of this could be writing and thinking everything you type is pure gold. Uh oh. (;

  2. I fluctuate between the inner editor and a super-confident writer–and the later is much better for the first draft because at least it keeps me going. :>

  3. Those poor pages! Having beta readers for the first draft really helps, in all aspects.

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