Spring Cleaning

This could also be titled “pick up your bags and truck on over to Blogspot”.


I did it.

I moved the blog to Blogspot.

I have absolutely nothing against WordPress (actually I’m rather nostalgic about ditching my very first blog) but several things hooked me into Blogspot.

1. Followers. Yes… I am lame like that. I need followers to prove to the world that I don’t ramble to a deaf world. I also thought it would be easier to follow other people’s blogs if I had a Google account.

2. Pages.
Actually this was the one reason it took me so long to get here. I love the WordPress Pages feature, and I didn’t think Blogspot had it. Until this morning, when I sneaked into Google and created this account just to test things out… and discovered that Blogspot has an all-new Pages feature! I was sold.

3. People. I started hinting at this change on Twitter this morning, and the replies were instantaneous and unanimous: make the move!

So change your links: kirstenjoyrice.blogspot.com is the new place to be. Don’t forget the “joy” part — that’s new and improved and also very important, because Kirsten Joy Rice is going to be the name you’ll see on bookshelves someday.

And… to be nostalgic, just because change makes me sad sometimes, thanks to all you lovely people for contributing to “A Romantic” in its first form. Onwards and upwards!

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