About: I started writing novels when I was almost sixteen. It’s funny, cause I don’t actually remember why I decided to write a novel. I just did. It was fun, then I trunked it and started something new. Three-ish years later, I’m so psyched about THE INBETWEEN. So psyched. You know how everyone says you just know when you meet the one? Well, this is the book. I’m so glad I’ve found an agent who thinks so, too.

Ice cream flavor: mint chocolate chip

Random fact: I’ve been to 21 countries. Cool. I definitely have the travel bug… and 21 just isn’t enough. I’m thinking I’ll visit 100, and then visit some more.

The country I love most: I’d say Thailand because the food was epic, but England was also epic because I fell off a galloping horse. I also like Italy (think the Med, the Colosseum, miles of Tuscan hills) and France. Any place with an old cathedral. Or Slovakia, because I went with my friends … friends + Europe = amazing.

3 responses to “Kirsten

  1. hi Kirsten!

    I found you on my pal Kristin Ott’s blog, and I think we’re meant to be buds because 1) the name thing 2) we’re both ya authors, and 3) I am also a world traveler, in fact a pro travel writer, and I am utterly impressed you’ve been to Thailand and Slovakia too, and that at age 19 you are all-too-close to beating my 26 countries at age 26.

    So, hi!

    ❤ Kirsten

    • writerkirsty

      Hi Kirsten 🙂 (Do you pronounce it “Kearsten” or Kurrsten”? I am “Kearsten”)
      We should make a Kristin/Kirsten club … there are so many of us! Also a traveler’s club — I always love stumbling on other people who are obsessed with traveling!

      • glad I checked back to find this reply!

        I am also a kearsten, which is absolutely the best way (isn’t the other way sort of an Americanized drawly version, anyway?). and I am so down for the Kristin/Kirsten thing, considering Kristin 1 & 2 are two of my writer bffs.

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