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Agent Appreciation Day

The writing-blogosphere’s official Agent Appreciation Day was yesterday (inspired by star teen-writer Kody Keplinger) so I’m kind of behind, here. Since I was on the official-secret email thread full of all the super plans for yesterday’s agent celebration, I really should have been on top of things. I blame my professors. Still, every day is Agent Appreciation Day for me 🙂

Joan has been wonderful over the last month-ish since we started working together, firstly because she hugely upped my self-confidence about my writing ability, secondly because she is in love with my book, and thirdly because she sees how it can be better (and it’s going to be better in SO many ways! I’m stoked!). And the best thing about being Joan’s client right now is that we’re just starting out. There’s so much to look forward to! Joan’s high hopes for TIB make me so happy — and make me feel like all of my dreaming might just not be too far from reality, after all.

Thanks, Joan! Happy Agent Day 🙂

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