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RTW: What books do you love that no one else has ever heard of?

These kinds of books are the absolute best. They’re personal indulgences, secret affairs, delightful little refuges that only YOU know about. Now mine will be less secret, as I’m going to tell you all about it, but it will still be my very own secret pleasure, a book I’ve grown up loving and will love until I’m way too old for it (or can you ever get too old for books like these?).

It’s so unheard-of (at least, I think it is?) that I couldn’t find a cover on Google images that matches the one I own. So unheard-of that I didn’t even know there was a sequel until today.

The Tower of Geburah tells the story of three siblings who discover three old television sets in their uncle’s attic during a snowstorm. And the televisions are actually portals to a fantasy world called Anthropos. Anthropos is in deep trouble: King Kardia is in prison and an evil sorcerer, Hocoino, is oppressing everyone else. Only the children can save Anthropos by journeying to the Tower of Geburah. And battling all sorts of evil creatures and befriending the coolest wolves, dwarves, and magical people.

John White’s narrator-voice reminds me of CS Lewis’s voice. He tells the story with the same gentle grace, same benevolent tone as Lewis, and makes many similar allegorical connections. I cry every time I read this book — not only at the sad parts, but at the good parts too because they’re just so good.

Plus one of the main character’s names is Wesley, and I love any book with a character named Wesley.

Now, since it’s thunder-ing and raining and hailing outside, I totally feel like curling up with The Tower of Geburah and transporting myself back to my childhood. Too bad I have class…


By the way, I joined the Twitter train yesterday. I loitered around the sign-up page for at least two weeks before taking the plunge — and happily got six followers in about six minutes. How exciting! I’m not really sure how to best use it yet, and I also don’t know the lingo (tweet? retweet? list? what?) but hopefully I’ll get the hang of it. Helpful blog post: http://lisa-schroeder.blogspot.com/

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Tomorrow: AW Exposed Interview #3 with Phaeal


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Favorite Thing Friday

Today is Favorite Thing Friday . . .  also known as “It Is 11:42 PM And Kirsten Has No Other Ideas”.

But honestly, this is one of my favorite things:

Yep, I’m a hardcore Taylor Swift fan, and her music videos make my day. I know it made your day, too.

Happy weekend!


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