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TIB Newsflash

You know those mornings when you wake up kind of confused, mostly sleepy, and really sad about going to class, work, or anywhere else that isn’t bed?

That was Thursday morning. Until…

I opened up my email and bam the whole day changed. My awesome agent had delightful news: THE INBETWEEN was officially. out. on. submission. with a stunning list of editors that made my stomach flip-flop.

Happy dance!


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I’m going to take the rest of this week off to soak up family and home and rain and time to process everything that’s happened this semester

I’m thankful for all of it — although it’s been pretty hard at times. Lots of new things have been thrown in my face over the last couple months… and I’m tired. But thankful for the moments that stick out: out-of-control laughter with my roomie, impromptu games of pool and balderdash and cards, lazy days at the beach, deep conversations at coffee shops, that first phone call from my agent, late-night volleyball games, sunsets in dirty parking lots, first dates… and the promise of Thanksgiving break.

What would we do without Thanksgiving break?

Be thankful this week. And eat lots of turkey.


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The Call (part two)



Today went like this:

Morning: Class (why is the clock so slooooooow?)

Afternoon: Work and class (why is the clock even slooooooower?)

6:15: Dinner at the cafeteria. (oh. my. gosh. what if agent calls?! what if my phone buzzes but I can’t feel it? what if I say something dumb? how do I still have friends when all I can talk about is AGENT?)

6:25: Time for some different food. Like ice cream or something sugary. My friend and I walk back into the cafeteria from the patio, chatting.

6:27: Phone rings. I don’t recognize the area code.

Me: Ooooooh my gosh–

Friend: Girl, you got this —

And then I run out of the cafeteria.

Me: Hello?

Mystery caller: Hello, this is AGENT.

. . . and then I talked on the phone with a real, live agent who loves my book. And I had to sit down on the ground because I was so shaky. And then I ran back into the cafeteria and all my friends started screaming, and I think everyone thought we were crazy, but that’s okay. Three big thoughts:

  2. I’ve been dreaming of this for three years — and it’s happening!!
  3. I wish I was home to celebrate.

More updates to come, so stay close. I’ve been running on adrenaline these last few days and now I’m crashing big time — so before I hit bottom I think I’ll do some homework to celebrate. C’est la life of a college student.


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