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Teaser Thursday

Tuesdays are teaser days usually, but this week Thursday will get the honor. In this scene, Sophie sees Mr. Green Eyes again… Enjoy!

[Teaser snipped]

PS: As of this weekend (hurray for vacations!) the sequel is about 1200 words long…


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This is a post…

…to say that there will be no post today. Instead I’ll share my sob story: I had a paper due yesterday. Today I have a brutal test and then solid class/work from 10-6. Then I have a paper due tomorrow, and on top of that I have two back-to-back tests after I turn the paper in. Poor me. I have no life.

But. I did somehow randomly start the sequel to THE INBETWEEN yesterday (and no, I wasn’t procrastinating or anything, it was just a ten-minute study break). It made me happy.


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