THE INBETWEEN, currently on sub to pubs:

After big city California, Sophie’s new life is weird. There’s one grocery store in Morrow. One gray, windy coastline. And one legend that even the sane locals fear.

Weirder, Sophie discovers the legend is true. In the woods south of Morrow, a witch gives unhappy kids keys to happier worlds, but always for a price.

Weirdest, the witch gives Sophie a key for free. It unlocks a world where her brother Luke plays the piano like he did before he drowned at their lake house four months ago.

Real life is suddenly good, too — full of colors that sizzle after months of gray grieving for Luke. The high school quarterback’s green eyes are as bewitching as the secret he fights to hide from her. Falling in love is dangerous, though, because he’s more mixed up with the witch in the woods than she is. And Luke’s music makes Sophie blue as she starts to realize that the past and future don’t mix. Can’t mix. Worse, Sophie might lose both, because the witch always demands payment — but what did Sophie pay?


FELL, my YA urban fantasy work-in-progress:

After the apartment fire, Birch sees and smells smoke everywhere — until Harley starts riding her city bus route. He’s more country hick than she is city girl, a mystery boy with nowhere to stay whose presence somehow banishes her recurring fire dreams. As his self-appointed tour-guide, Birch lets him into her city — and into her ashy memories.

But Harley’s running from his own fiery past. He’s more country than boy, more wild than human. And the inhuman creatures stalking him through the city threaten to consume Birch, too. If she lets Harley go, the fire dreams come back. But if she lets herself fall for this boy with a thousand secrets, her future might go up in flames with his.

10 responses to “BOOKS

  1. Anne Marguerite

    Kirsten, it is great to read your book summary. Your blog explodes with enthusiasm and personality plus. You ARE a Romantic and I am looking forward to following you and your writing career on your blog.

  2. Sarah Holmquist

    wow kirsten!!! i can’t wait to read this!

  3. Yes…I am a very proud uncle! You’re really doing a GREAT job!


    Uncle Greg

  4. Amanda Cleveland

    Hey Kirsten…

    I was editing this bit about a great new author for the newspaper and to my surprise, it was you! It will definitely be a great summer read. Can’t wait!

  5. Heather

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this! It sounds so interesting!

  6. I CANNOT WAIT TO READ THIS. You will have to let me know when you go on submission – it would be fantastic if we both went on sub at the same time. 🙂

    • writerkirsty

      YES! We could compare notes! I’m just starting revisions – and because of school and stuff will probably be revising for a month or so (or more?) How much longer will you be working on revisions?

  7. Leah

    This book looks AMAZING i can’t wait to read it! 🙂

  8. This sounds incredibly interesting, Kirsten! I definitely can’t wait to read it, too.

    I was curious – since the agents over at your agency aren’t taking on new clients, how did you meet Ammi-Joan Paquette? Were you referred?

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